Below mentioned you could find experiences of elite athletes and coaches of different sports, like: Volleybal, Basketball and Football.

December 2017 — a surgery to fix broken fibula. In January I start the rehab with NTS and RSQ1 methods among others. In May I start running and in the autumn I am in a better shape than a year ago. Return after injury In the autumn of 2017 I took part in the Independence Run in Poznan and I needed 38:02 minutes to complete it. Now, in the same run, I finished in 37:35 and took first

RSQ1 at World Lacrosse Championship!

Mikołaj Buszko, a member of Polish national team in Lacrosse, suffered a serious shoulder injury during a league game few weeks before World Championship. Not only his participation in the championship was called into question – during an examination in the emergency room he was advised to completely stop playing this sport. Thanks to a

Athlete Coach

RSQ1-Testimonial Jerome Simian

Jerome Simian is owner of Synaptic Athletics in Lyon. He is the strength and conditioning coach of different professional French athletes like Kevin Mayer, Mélina Robert-Michon (track and field) and Caroline Garcia (tennis). “The RSQ1 has a wide range of use in the training and rehabilitation of athletes. From preparing them to be able to

Combined testimonial of Agnieszka Janasiak, a top Polish Marathon runner and the RSQ1 clinic in Cracow: In the recent years Agnieszka Janasiak has not been able to repeat her excellent results (for instance Vice Champion of Poland in 2009 Marathon) due to her many contusions. In her last accident after unfortunate fall during practice in

Daniele Tognaccini – Director MilanLab

“I work with professional athletes of football, basketball, volleyball, skiing, golf, swimming for 30 years, and the last 20 years for AC Milan as athletic/performance trainer and director of the “Milanlab” (scientific laboratory). I’ve been working with RSQ1 for about 5 years and in my opinion it’s a unique tool to solve muscular problems that

Avital Selinger

Avital Selinger (former coach of the Dutch National Volleybalteam and Russian top Volleybalteam Krasnodar)  “Physical strength is extremely important for a word-class athlete”  Avital Selinger was headcoach of the Dutch National Ladies Volleybalteam from 2004 utnil 2011. He starts working with electrotherapy in 2006 and according to Selinger’s opinion it becomes a indispensable tool. He

Ron Vlaar

Ron Vlaar, professional soccerplayer Aston Villa (2012-2015), AZ (2015-present) and the Dutch National team (2005-present) “I had so much support from the RSQ1 during the rehabilitation” Ron Vlaar is captain and one of the famous players of Premier League Club Aston Villa. He started his professional career with AZ in April 2005. After less than a

Molly McDowell

Molly McDowell (professional basketballplayer for the Loon Lions) “I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to help them with their recovery” Ankle Surgery | I am a 33 year old professional basketball player and I worked with the RSQ after a recent ankle surgery. I began my treatment the day after the

Kim Staelens; knee injury

Kim Staelens, professional volleyballplayer in the Dutch National team (1998-2014) and different international topteams “My rehabilitation could start directly after the surgery, on the same day” “Since I was 15 years old I play volleybal in a professional way, which means practising everyday. In 1998 I started to play for the Dutch National Ladies team

Chaïne Staelens

Chaïne Staelens, professional volleyballplayer for international clubs and the Dutch National Team (1997-2012)  “I’ve prolonged my international career with six years” “The RSQ1 has helped me to act as a professional volleyballplayer on the highest level for 17 years. When I was 20 years old (2000) I already sustain a severe knee injury, resulting in a