Have a look at the below mentioned experiences of physiotherapists, working in different disciplines, like in a regular clinic, or as member of a professional sports team.

Osteitis Pubis Although it is not a very common injury, we have recently treated a small number of players with Osteitis Pubis and since the addition of the RSQ1, with great success! RSQ1 It is a very uncomfortable injury that sometimes happens to footballers and often causes chronic complaints and a long recovery process. After

Paolo Manetti – Sports Physician in Soccer

Manetti is currently working as sports physician and head of the Medical Staff of Empoli Calcio. Before he starts working for Empoli Calcio, he have worked for 15 years for ACF Fiorentina. Besides the world of soccer, he is involved in the University and different clinics in the region of Firenze. “The therapeutic potential of

Kim van Wijk (co-owner of ‘Fysiopraktijk de Meer’, Amsterdam) “In our clinic  the RSQ1 is one of the first options for a lot of different treatments” My name is Kim van Wijk (Physio- and Master Manual therapist), together with my collegaue Irene Kuiper, we are the owners of the clinic ‘Fysiopraktijk de Meer’. Electrotherapy as

Medical Staff FC Utrecht

Medical Staff FC Utrecht “The benefits of the RSQ1 upon the regular treatments, can’t be compared with any other electrotherapy” FC Utrecht is experienced with the use of this kind of electrotherapy, they already start working with this therapy in 2008. In the intermediary years they achieve a lot of positive results with the RSQ1. Therefore,

Physiotherapeutic Clinic Medisch Punt (Amsterdam, Buitenveldert) “Especially during longterm rehabilitations, we’re happy that we could increase muscle strength very fast.” Quality of Life | Together with the RSQ1 the physiotherapists of ‘Medisch Punt’ let return (elite) athletes on the pitch ver fast. Furthermore, also patients from Medsich Punt who suffer from osteoarthritis are very happy with

Medical Staff Vitesse

Medical Staff Vitesse “Our players could sleep or rest with the RSQ1” Vitesse purchased four devices directly after the re-introdcution in the start of 2013. The fact that they have more devices available gives them the possibility to use the full range of possibilities and they aren’t restricted to specific purposes for specific teams. Recuperation

Ricardo de Sanders, Head of department Physiotherapy of the Sports Medical Center of the Dutch Football Association (KNVB) “In the end, everyone wants the best possible result, regular patients, but especially elite athletes” Ricardo was already five years the physiotherapist of Ajax, before he became responsible for the department physiotherapy from the KNVB in 2008.

Medical Staff Ajax

Medical staff Ajax “We are so happy with the results, we’re looking for possibilities to increase the applications” The RSQ1 is part of the treatment possibilities of the Medical Staff of Ajax for already a long time, they have the availability of four devices. Different departments | “The number of four devices is definitely necessary, because the