What is RSQ1?

RSQ1 is an electrostimulation device, developed and based on years of experiences of competent physiotherapists, stimulating the neurological system by different electrical currents. The RSQ1 is developed to use in combination with functional exercises, to contract and relax muscles in the correct way, for preventive treatments, better rehabilitation and faster recovery.

  • Support strength training / hypertrophy;
  • Support warming-up / cooling-down;
  • Faster recovery after exercise;
  • Relaxation of muscles;
  • Maintenance and increase the Range of Motion;
  • Faster rehabilitation after knee surgery;
  • Pain management;

The RSQ1 can only be operated by doctors and paramedics who are certified by PhysiCare International and completely responsible for the safety, reliability and performances of the treatment with this device.

Only those who can comply to this conditions are qualified to control the RSQ1 for a treatment. For an overview of the clinics with certified RSQ1 therapists, click here.

There are no specific contra indications applicable, other than the regular warnings and contraindications for the use of electrotherapy. For these warnings and contraindications of the RSQ1, have a look at contra-indications.

The RSQ1 is marked as a medical device (CE IIa) conform the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and produced at an ISO 13485 certified assembling company.