Who is using the RSQ1?

The RSQ1 is suitable for everyone who wants to improve his physical mobility. Athlete or amateur, young or old, fit or injured, as prevention, or as (part of the) rehabilitation.

For those who suffer with the troubles of movement limitations from an injury or age, but also for those who wants to stay fit or wants to gain strength.

Searching for a RSQ1 treatment of a medical doctor or a (para)medic, see ‘RSQ1 clinics' for the closest clinic working with the RSQ1 device and ask them directly how they can support you.

However, the RSQ1 is suitable for almost everyone, there are some contra-indications and warnings which one you ought to observe. For an overview of these the contra-indications and warnings, click here.

Read for experiences with the RSQ1 belowmentioned testimonials from well-known athletes or therapists and unknown but satisfied others who preceded you.